I don’t need to say much about this contest as it’s apparent that every year Kechele and the Quiksilver crew put on a show that always has good waves and crazy amounts of talent in the water. I shot video for over 12 hours and came out with sooo many clips. I’ll probably be putting out multiple edits of these two days but here’s the highlight reel of some of the best waves. I definitely want to do an edit for Gorkin as he was able to put together an entire video section worth of waves in about an hour’s worth of surfing. The guy flat out rips. Oliver Kurtz, Kyle Garson, Jensen Callaway, Jeremy Johnston, Fisher Heverly, Evan and Cody Thompson, Tommy O’Brien and Tayler Brothers and many others were all charging as you’ll see in the edit. I shot both freesurfing and contest surfing and combined them for this edit. Enjoy.

ENE-NE swell 5-7 feet at 10-11 seconds
NW-N-NNE winds 5-30 kts
Summary – So many guys were out ripping up and down the beach. Nugget rights were grinding against the northerly wind making for a semi-clean face in the AM hours and PM on Monday. The wind started blowing at 30+mph Sunday afternoon with a 30 degree wind chill making for super tough conditions. Monday had clean waves in the morning and semi-choppy/glassy waves in the evening with light winds and the sun decided to come out! Great contest. Props to Matt Kechele for holding yet another solid King of the Peak and to all the surfers competing and progressing in front of the lens. Looking forward to next year.

Oh, we’re getting a MAJOR swell this weekend, I’ll be on it shooting somewhere a bit south I’m sure. Looking forward to getting some even sicker footage. Stay tuned.

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Quiksilver King Of The Peak 2010 Sebastian Inlet, FL from Jason Hines on Vimeo.

Gorkin – King Of The Peak from Jason Hines on Vimeo.