Tropical storm Nicole was named and unclassified within 6 hours but despite her short presence, she was able to hook up with high pressure off the SE coast to kick up a decent fetch of ESE-SE winds offshore. The gradient the storm created between a high pressure system and itself sent in some fairly solid waves to North Central Florida and points to the north. New Smyrna was the call as high tide was midday and the winds were looking like they were going to be better (more westerly) the further north you went as the day went on. Luckily my wind prediction panned out and there were some solid overhead wedges coming through.
September 30th, 2010

E-ESE swell 5-7 feet at 10-11 seconds
NW-WNW winds at 5-15kts
Summary – Super wedged waves at high tide with semi-clean conditions getting even cleaner as the day progressed as the winds went more westerly. The waves were almost too over wedged but at times it made for an overhead peak that would give you a considerable amount of speed on the drop. Fun day. Shot this video towards mid outgoing tide going to low so it was a little bit less organized than earlier. Some bombs still came through though. Notice the right where Sebastian Moreno takes off backside and gets drilled. It looks like an OBX type wave.

NSI 9/30/10 from Jason Hines on Vimeo.