Our first NE swell of the season and it came in August?? It was a strange scenario for August with a fairly strong backdoor front blowing in a NE swell during the middle of summer. Winds were offshore in the morning and stayed light all day as the wind turned onshore. Lots of talent was in the lineup (Sean Tubbs, CJ Hobgood, Phillip Watters, Blake and Justin Jones, Marshall Algerbra, etc.). This was my first full attempt at a surf edit and definitely learned a thing or to about shooting video. Looking forward to getting some epic surf in the near future in full HD.

Sebastian Inlet
April 26th, 2010
ENE-NE swell 3-4 feet at 11-13 Seconds
Light variable winds at 1-5 kts
Summary – Pretty fun waves. Some solid sets came through that took most by surprise.

Sebastian Inlet NE swell in August? from Jason Hines on Vimeo.